Lithium Batteries


 lithium ion battery plant

YOK Energy provides performance rechargeable lithium ion batteries,  lithium polymer batteries and pack solutions to industrial and consumer companies to support their portable power needs.

 lithium ion battery production

Our products are designed to be safe, reliable and competitively priced. All our products are designed and manufactured in Asia to the highest standards and meet or exceed industry safety and environmental standards including;

  • IS9001
  • IS14001
  • IEC62133
  • UL1642 / UL2054
  • CE
  • RoHS
  • WEE


We have an international client list and are delivering battery solutions in many application areas including; consumer, professional industrial and medical..

Our Lithium ion polymer batteries have been manufactured since 2001 and we have developed in excess of 3,000 battery types. The company holds patents for both manufacturing and product design.

We continue to invest in R&D in cell technology and production techniques to improve the performance and cost of our products. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Sales and marketing for customers outside China is based in the U.K. with development and production located at three locations at Shenzhen and Zhangzhou China, including a 100,000 sq meter manufacturing centre.

This allows us to produce over 300,000 smaller size or over 100,000 large capacity batteries per day.

 We have a professional battery pack design engineering team with a fully equiped testing facility which to support our modern production facility capable of small batch runs to high volume consumer products. Any capacity and configuration is possible.